2022 Feb
The journey begins
Something special comes to our mind and we start to dig out how to fulfill it.
2022 May
Social Media Launches
Hello, world! It’s time to let Weed Daddy & his family say hi to the world. We will start our twitter & discord.
2022 June
NFT Sale
Let’s check our NFTs and become our partners! Focus on our Discord, Twitter & Bitcointalk updates!
2022 November
Weed Daddy Site Beta Launch
Fly high with Weed Daddy's family! We will meet you soon.
2023 January
$EED Redeem
Time to redeem your $EEDs to USDC! What's better than this!
2023 Q2
Weed Daddy Cashback Launch
Weed Daddy is here with you throughout the good and the bad. Get daily cashback based on your losses in those unlucky days.