Become Our VIP

Step 1. Get VIP NFT

Please notice the updates on our social media channel (e.g. Twitter and Telegram). To buy our NFT, please go to our minting page.

Step 2. Connect your wallet to Weed Daddy Site.

After minting the NFT, you can connect the Premium VIP NFT to your Weed Daddy account. Please login and connect the wallet with NFT in the PROFILE section.

Step 3. That's it! Time to have some fun!

You are our Premium VIP player now!
Let’s start having fun with Weed Daddy! Weed Daddy NFT holders will become our Premium VIP (your level will be determined by the NFT you mint).
To obtain your Premium VIP privilege, please go to Weed Daddy and connect your wallet. The VIP privilege will connect automatically to your account.