Brand Story

The DOPEST Kind of Fairy Tale - Shoutout to all the stoners!

Ahem...clears throat Hola, ¿qué tal? This is Pedro Hierbero, you may know me as El Jefe. Those who are close to me call me “Papá”, and if I like you enough, I may allow it.
Mi familia, we came from a place with the best marijuana in the world. Now rumor has it that our ancestors have been part of the so-called weed fairy legend, so it's always been our family tradition to deliver supurb products to people like you. Good stuff like GSC? Gorilla Blue? Strawberry Cough? Even Granddaddy Purps? Just name it, you bet we have it.
Now, my sons and I still work hard every day to give out the best refining weeds. And we have been sprinkling our sh*ts all over the world like fairy dust, so come and find the stash you're looking for. Take it, enjoy it, share it, and get high with the amigos.
This is a shoutout to the stoners. May all your weedy wishes come true, my friend.